Skandagiri…(Kalavarahalli Betta)

It was almost 2.00 AM in the morning that we had to leave to this place called Skandgiri ( Kalavarahalli Betta). We had a ruff sketch of the route to the place which we had downloaded from google. We started at 2.30 AM and reached Muddenahalli @ 3.20 AM searching for the way to go the hill, was stuck changing the lane yet to figure out whether it is left or right or do we have to move further.

Sometime after working out the probabilities we reached Sir M Vishweswaraya’s Memorial, from there we had to take a right and woke up the villagers who were in deep sleep on the road, just to ask them the way to go to the hill, and finally we had reached the foothill of skandagiri which is closeby to papagni mutt.We are just out of the car and you are invited by cool breeze and a person is ready to serve tea, which keeps you geared up for the trek, the authorities charge a nominal fee for exploring the hill and parking.  We then started walking towards the hill carrying our torch, emergency lamp and most important item cameras, and was again stuck as we didn’t know which way to proceed – it was a junction of three roads even with the torches we couldn’t figure out the route. We were joined by a group of boys but they were way ahead of us. In the meanwhile we were discussing whether to hire a guide to take us to the hill, after a while there was a guide who was coming towards us and we approached him whether he can guide us to the hill and he agreed for a sum of Rs. 350.

Now, we all were geared up for the trek and started following the guide and it was almost 3.45 am we had to reach the top by 5.30am so that we would not miss a glimpse of the nature. We had to take even breaks and slowly n steadily we reached the top of the hill, this was an amazing and wonderful experience after trekking for so long and you are welcomed by chill air, sun is waiting to wish you for the morning and clouds moving towards you….. You need to be there to feel it.

After spending sometime on the hill it was time to return, we took our own time to climb down the hill and thanked the guide for taking us on time.  around 7.30 am we started driving back to bangalore.  Of all this was the one of experiences wherein you dont feel tired to take a glimpse of the nature 🙂


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  1. YoungJ on

    Nice write up. Gets memories back of it. Hope we have many more travels like this.

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